Great Glute Challenge Day 10

You made it through the next phase!!  Good job! Have you tried your Cheeky Warmup lately to see if your squats are feeling any differently? Great Glute Day 10 is the finale to our squat based portion!  WORK. AT. YOUR. PACE. Remember to do 30 seconds of cardio, Day 6, 30 seconds cardio, Day 7, 30 […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 9

Glutes feeling the strength this week?  Lace those sneakers up because we are not finished with this section.  Time to dig deep! Great Glute Challenge Day 9 will get the heart rate up and the tush feeling the burn.  Stay low in the hips, OUTTA the knees, and work at your pace! Remember to do […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 8

This day might be tough for some of you.  It involves plyos!  However, some of you cannot jump without causing some harm, so be sure to use the modifications that I show you in the video and feel for your next level of progress. Great Glute Day 8  is yours to tackle after you do […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 7

Great Glute Day 7  will challenge both flexion and extension of the hip.  Keep your torso out of it!  No back arching or rib thrusting, please. Remember that the leg moves the foot, not the other way around. Remember to do 30 seconds of cardio, Day 6, 30 more seconds of cardio before doing Day 7. […]