Have a cookie (or two) with AMAZING baking substitutions!

Hey, guys!  I often get asked about my baking substitutions, food plan, etc.  I like to really focus on movement and exercise and leave the food coaching to the experts.  I often recommend my local folks to Debbie Jeunette for sound nutrition advice and I am pleased to announce that she will be guest blogging […]


What is your habit?

It is the first day of a new month.  The holidays loom ahead.  This is no time to give in to the sugar craving.  This is time to make a habit of saying “I could eat that…but I CHOOSE not to.”.  This is no time to get lazy and cover up in sweatpants.  This is […]


Teaching kids about nutrition and exercise

Obviously, in my home, I am a big cheerleader for teaching kids about balanced nutrition and the need for daily exercise.  Sorry….a two hour soccer game on the weekend is NOT meeting your child’s physical fitness needs. Last year, I had a place for my kids to record their water intake.  I had another place […]