Aerial Yoga: transforming pain to release

(Testimony) With some severe spinal, hip and pelvic injuries as a young teen that have ebbed and flowed in misalignment and compression over the years, Yoga had been my saving grace. It turns out even some of those compressive asanas were detrimental to my specific alignment issues… and then came Jaime & Aerial! I have […]


New Year…. Time to gear up.  

The new year is here and after the holidays and traveling for two weeks,  I am feeling the need to get my tail in consistent gear again.   If you would like to join my journey back to wellness,  join me once again in the Great Glute Challenge!  I also have been meditating daily (join […]


Have a cookie (or two) with AMAZING baking substitutions!

Hey, guys!  I often get asked about my baking substitutions, food plan, etc.  I like to really focus on movement and exercise and leave the food coaching to the experts.  I often recommend my local folks to Debbie Jeunette for sound nutrition advice and I am pleased to announce that she will be guest blogging […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 30

WOOT!  YEAH!  YEEHAW!  LAST DAY!  YOU DID IT!!!!! Today’s agenda:  30 seconds of cardio,  Great Glute Challenge Day 26, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 27, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 28, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 29, 30 seconds of cardio and THEN Great Glute Challenge […]