Relieve Lower Back Pain

Must be the season for lower back pain. Cold weather is sneaking in and bones are getting cranky. Go grab your mat and let’s work those kinks out! Relieve Lower Back Pain Have a beautiful practice!


Great Glute Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the Great Glute Challenge! Our Glutes are such an important synergistic muscle group to our pelvic floor and core! We need them to be strong and (ah-hem) well-rounded for our hips to get support in staying properly aligned.  This translates to our backs and knees feeling strong and supported also. Join us for […]


Planks, Push-ups, and Pain Prevention

Hi!  Often I have clients that struggle with planks, push-ups, and any modification or variation thereof.  For this past year, I have done push-ups with most of my classes every single day and now, lo and behold, they are achieving what they once thought to be impossible.  In the following video, I share with you […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 30

WOOT!  YEAH!  YEEHAW!  LAST DAY!  YOU DID IT!!!!! Today’s agenda:  30 seconds of cardio,  Great Glute Challenge Day 26, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 27, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 28, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 29, 30 seconds of cardio and THEN Great Glute Challenge […]