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The Great Glute Challenge is in the final 48 hours!  Don’t you dare quit now!  Keep on keeping strong!

This particular exercise is a tough one.  USE YOUR MODIFICATIONS.   I am staying true to showing someone else’s program, but I give you mods in the video because most of you won’t be able to do this exercise well.  It is a tough one even for me to make sure my SI joint stays balanced and happy.  It is definitely not one to rush through.

Today’s agenda:  30 seconds of cardio,  Great Challenge Day 26, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 27, 30 seconds of cardio, Great Glute Challenge Day 28, 30 seconds of cardio, and then Great Glute Challenge Day 29

Get to it, folks.  You “got this”.

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Rock On,

Trainer Jai

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