Our kids need an intervention

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years in basically every mode (hospital based, big box, corporate based, small boutique, home based). I have taught basically every format in some way (lifting, cardio testing, dance fitness, pilates, yoga, Aerial yoga, prehab/rehab, pelvic floor and Diastasis Recti programming, etc). I have worked with […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 18

(aka:  keep your pelvis in neutral:  no puppy dogs in trouble or over zealous “stingers”.) This week is a tough week!  Mods, mods, mods for nice progressions.  There is no need to push yourself beyond your max and injure yourself.  On the same note, don’t coddle your body and never expect progression from it.  Check […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 17

Great Glute Day 17  will challenge your hip flexion, extension, and balance.  Keep GOOD POSTURE throughout the movement.  No hunching over! Please do not hesitate to use a counter or chair to hold on for any of these exercises!  It will help you isolate and activate your glutes better to not also be fighting your […]


Great Glute Challenge Day 15

You made it through the next block of exercises and you are now HALFWAY THERE! Have you tried your Cheeky Warmup lately to see if you bum is “waking up” more efficiently? Great Glute Day 15 is the finale to our ballet based portion! How’s your tush feeling? Remember to do 30 seconds of cardio, Day […]